Parler relaunches on new platform

3 years

Parler relaunches on new platform after ousting Former CEO John Matze.

Stuart Varney: social media censorship is a big deal, and we have this, just into this. Moments ago, Parler's website coming back online after more than a month. Susan?

Susan: So it looks like Parler has issued a press release as well, and they say that after being de-platformed(產品下架、業務下線) by Amazon on Jan. 11th they have now been able to bring back up the site . So you have to rejoin from what I see in this press release and set up an account in order to join the conversation(在線社區中的溝通之意), but we do know that John Matze, the former co-founder, he is the co-founder of Parler, he's been booted (out)(boot out非正式用法,意指被迫離開) as CEO. According to the Parler release, press release, is an outsider, so Mark Mechler is the interim(臨時的、過渡性的) CEO of He'll bring along with him a new Chief Policy Officer, as they look for a new permanent CEO, but I haven't tried to create a new account, I don't think anyone here has, but this is what we have so far. Parler dot com looks to be a little, up and running at least, maybe You can try to input some of your data there.

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