President Trump Signs Phase One Trade Deal with China

4 years


For decades, American workers, farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and innovators have been hurt by the unfair trade with China.

Politicians ran for office promising action to remedy these practices, only to do nothing but allow them to continue.

Unlike those who came before me, I kept my promise. In June of 2016, in the great state of Pennsylvania, I promised that I would use every lawful presidential power to protect Americans from unfair trade and unfair trade practices.

With the signing we mark more than just an agreement. We mark a sea change in international trade. The agreement tears down major market barriers for U.S. food and agricultural exports. Millions of workers and farmers and innovators have waited decades for this day.

At long last, Americans have a government that puts them first.


remedy: to deal with a problem or improve a bad situation

sea change: a very big change in something BaoTube (since 2020): Short videos for learning business English

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